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What Is 3rdDate?

3rdDate by is an interactive communication stimulator app that allows you to build profiles and indulge in thousands of simple to taboo questions, preloaded from diverse content writers all over the world! The questions could literally come from your next door neighbor, a CEO, or your favorite celebrity.

Each question falls under at least one of these six crucial categories: SEX, MONEY, DRIVE, HEALTH, TRADITION, and PERSONALITY.

3rdDate Features

The concept is pretty simple actually. Once you invite someone to play, you’ll send them a question. They will answer the question, however the answer will not be revealed to you. You would then guess what answer you think they chose.

After you’ve done that, both answers would be revealed. Then BOOM! Now you all are having a full blown discussion of “Why you think I would’ve only lasted 15-30 Min?” Which will eventually end up in “Well, what time frame makes both of us comfortable?” Which then you all can work on that and possibly prevent looking for that void to be filled elsewhere.


Joining the Team

3rdDate is designed to stimulate communication in any relationship of any sex, color, beliefs, or
backgrounds. With that being stated, we are always looking for some of the most diverse content
writers to add their experiences to the app; AND WE ARE PAYING YOU FOR IT!
To submit your questions please complete the form below. Once this is completed a member of our
team will reach out to you via email to get you started!

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